As we enter a new decade we are making a few changes to our programs we believe will better serve amphibians in Whatcom County. We will be putting more energy into working with sensitive species and invasive species. Never fear we will continue to provide outreach and assistance for all amphibian species in the County.

Over that past 8 years we have developed a strong database of the distributions of amphibians species in the County, particularly in the more lowland habitats. We know that we have some sensitive species that need more work and feel we should channel our efforts towards them. Our work has focused on native species to date, but it is becoming clear that understanding the non-native amphibians in Whatcom County is important to the survival of the native species. We will be putting more efforts into mapping and looking at management of invasives.

So how can you help this year? Here is what we have lined up. We need volunteers to make this work, so Click Here if you want to be on the mailing list for upcoming events.

Oregon Spotted Frog Egg Mass Surveys

Volunteer training is March 7th starting at 9 am. Whatcom Land Trust Office (412 N Commercial Street, Bellingham). Click here for more details.

The Oregon Spotted Frog (Rana pretiosa) is a Federally Threatened and State Endangered species. WCAMP has been on the forefront of survey work and habitat management for this species. We will be training volunteers to come with training biologists to count egg masses of this important frog.

BP Amphibian Surveys

In the past we have had spring surveys out on BP lands. This year we are shifting to summer surveys to see if we can locate the elusive Western Toad and to see if we can get a handle on the locations of Bullfrog and Green Frog populations on their properties. This event includes a half day training on amphibian ID followed by field survey work after the training. The next day we will spend a full day out looking for amphibians. Click here to learn more.

Toadly Toads

This will be our first year in the field with this program. We will be working with volunteers to identify locations of Western Toad breeding and migration crossings. We also are looking at setting up a docent program at Silver Lake to answer questions people have about toads at this important breeding area. Click here if you want to learn more.

High Mountain Frogs

We are after folks that like the high back country in Whatcom County for this one. Cascades Frogs live high in the mountains (2,000 feet and above). We are trying to locate any populations/individual of Cascade Frogs. We are working on a page for this project right now.

Oregon Spotted Frog Habitat Improvement

For the past four years WCAMP under the direction of Dr. Stephen Nyman has been working to improve Oregon Spotted Frog habitat on a special Whatcom Land Trust property. We will be having a series of work parties in late summer to make happy frog habitat. Click here for more info.

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