Chasing Invasives

American Bullfrog

We have all been spending more time indoors than we like. If you are like me, I am feeling a little directionless and feeling like I have so little ability to make a difference. There have been many studies showing getting outdoors and into nature is good therapy. WCAMP has an opportunity for you to get outside and do something positive. We are launching our summer amphibian call survey program to discover where the invasive American Bullfrog and Green Frogs are living in Whatcom County. Know where these uninvited guests live help in the overall management of sensitive amphibian species such as the Oregon Spotted Frog (who really does not like these intruders).

This program is for everyone. It can be done alone or with your family. Kids will love it! All that is required is you go out and listen! No mucking around in the mud in water – just find a quiet place near a pond, lake, slough or even your local stormwater pond and sit and listen. If this wets your interest click this link to learn more! (Click Here for More Info)

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