Season of the Frog

As February wains and March moves in we begin to hear the beginning of frog choruses in the Pacific Northwest. Most of this noise is made by the very small, but mighty, Pacific Chorus Frog. The males of this tiny frog are gifted with a voice you just can’t ignore. And that is exactly what these dudes hope. Male Pacific Chorus Frogs gather at local wetlands, ponds and sometimes puddles and begin their songs to attract and whoo females in the area. If all works out a female will choose a mate and she will lay eggs in the watery habitat.

The males typically chorus into June and may mate a number of times. As the chorus season closes in June the adults leave the watery world and venture into the surrounding uplands to feed and regain their energy after a several month party.

Adult Pacific Chorus Frog (Pseudacris regilla) Photo Credit: Vikki Jackson
Pacific Chorus Frog Egg Mass Photo Credit: Vikki Jackson
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