Congratulations! WCAMP Wins Award

Oregon Spotted Frog (Rana pretiosa)

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Stephen Nyman and Vikki Jackson of WCAMP have been named Recovery Champions for 2020 by the US Fish and Wildlife Service! Recovery Champions are U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff and their partners whose work is advancing the recovery of endangered and threatened species of plants and animals.

Check out this video:

Dr Stephen Nyman
Vikki Jackson

“Vikki Jackson and Dr. Stephen Nyman of the Whatcom County Amphibian Monitoring Project are recognized as recovery champions for their leadership in recovery of the Oregon spotted frog. Their tireless efforts to bring their community together around this federally threatened frog has vastly improved our understanding of the species, stemmed the decline of several populations, and physically reclaimed lost habitat. The monitoring project has been instrumental in a number of recovery efforts for the frog, including the development of a volunteer community dedicated to increasing our understanding of the species and other amphibians through citizen science and community outreach. Their dedication to the species has resulted in an informed and engaged community, new information about the species, several newly discovered populations, and novel habitat recovery methods.”

The Oregon Spotted Frog project success has been due to all the hard work volunteers have put into it. We thank each and every volunteer that has been and will be part of this worthy project to save this imperiled frog.

A few of the many WCAMP volunteers! Thank You!
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