Come Help the Frogs!

This Oregon Spotted Frog says Thank You!

Oregon Spotted Frogs desperately need your help!  We have accomplished much in the past 5 years of our Oregon Spotted Frog habitat restoration project, which has allowed tadpoles to reach metamorphosis even in this year of record-setting heat, but the young frogs now must survive an escalating drought before the fall rains return.  Help us open up more aquatic habitat for the rest of this summer and that will endure through future dry summers. And help us continue the process of replacing invasive reed canary-grass with native plant species that will enhance habitat conditions. 
Please join us for our 2021 Save the Frogs work parties at the Whatcom Land Trust’s Samish River Preserve! We will be doing various tasks including cutting and extracting reed canary-grass sod with pruning saws, hauling the extracted material, and mowing grass. There will be multiple tasks for all abilities and we supply the tools. We think you’ll find the work invigorating and fun! Enjoy the company of friends and frogs and share the satisfaction of aiding a threatened species in dire need (and see what we have accomplished so far), please contact ( to volunteer for our scheduled work parties each from 9:00 to 3:00 on:   

A picture perfect place to volunteer!

Saturday, September 4th  
Saturday, September 11th   
Sunday, September 12th

RSVP and we will provide additional details.  Please be vaccinated for COVID-19 and do not volunteer if you are sick or have been exposed!

We and our frog friends look forward to seeing you and we thank you!! 

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