Amphibian Habitats

Bullfrog and Green Frog Habitats:

For the Call Survey, we will also identify the habitat type at each survey site.  Below is a description of the different types of habitats that may be utilized by the amphibians.  Most survey sites will most likely be a mix with areas of open water and areas of various vegetation.  

American Bullfrog and Green Frog are more likely to be found on the shores of warm open ponds and less likely to be found in the cooler forested wetlands.  Bullfrogs require permanent water sources due to their extended larval period (lasting up to 3 years).  As opportunistic predators, bullfrogs have no problem sharing space with other fish, reptiles, and invertebrate.  Green Frogs can share space with bullfrogs, but their transformations can happen in the same breeding season and allows them to utilize temporary wetlands for breeding.  These are a few things to keep in mind, especially for anyone looking to locate and survey their own sites.


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