Chasing Invasives

We have all been spending more time indoors than we like. If you are like me, I am feeling a little directionless and feeling like I have so little ability to make a difference. There have been many studies showing getting outdoors and into nature is good therapy. WCAMP has an opportunity for you to […]

Solitary Investigations

In this strange time we have sadly had to cancel all of our spring group adventures due to the Covid-19 outbreak. I am heartened in seeing many folks getting exercise walking outside and exploring in their solitary experiences. I have received a number of emails asking about different amphibians people have come across. If you […]

Group Field Activities Cancelled!

In view of the current Covid-19 situation all WCAMP group forays and events are cancelled. We thank those that have assisted us in the field so far this season. You are all Awesome! We hope everyone remains healthy and safe. We will be adding some ideas for independent activities where you can learn about and […]

Why Chase Frogs

Worldwide, many amphibian species are experiencing dramatic declines in abundance and are rapidly disappearing. As a group, amphibians (frogs, salamanders, and the tropical worm-like caecilians) are under assault by habitat loss, emerging deadly diseases, climate change, and introduced predators. Amphibian species that dwell in urban and suburban areas are being squeezed into smaller areas of suitable habitat, where the survivors are […]