2018 Egg Mass Survey Results

WCAMP had another very successful egg mass survey season. The table below shows the results of the survey sites. Overall it appears amphibians are doing well. We have learned that weather is hard to predict and does affect our overall results. We have had two years of late season cold events that result in delayed then explosive amphibian breeding. Our prearranged survey dates don’t always fall on the best timing for surveys. We will be working to strengthen our methodologies to see if we can reduce the error associated with this. After the table is a link to two documents produced from this years results. Have fun reading and a Huge Thank You to all that helped in this years efforts. You make a difference!!!!!

Survey Site
Egg Mass
Northern Red-legged Frog Pacific Chorus Frog Northwestern Salamander Long-toed Salamander
Chuckanut Community Forest 54 0 282 54
Stimpson Reserve 117 125 595 140
Edfro Wetland 107 134 143 2
Maple Creek Reach 12 570 27 9
BP Lands BP wetlands 58 1031 4 1
Lummi Otto Preserve 66 313 155 25
TOTAL* 414 2173 1206 231
* Total amphibian egg mass and adult counts from all foray and volunteer surveys from 2018.

Click below on the links to read our annual reports:

2018 egg mass report


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