Toadly Toads

The Western Toad (Anaxyrus boreas) is a charming frog species that was once very abundant throughout its wide range. They are found throughout the Pacific Northwest into Southeast Alaska, south to California, Baja California and east across the Great Basin into the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado and north through western Montana and western Canada. This species has had huge declines in populations and is state-listed as Endangered in New Mexico and Colorado — where is known as the Boreal Toad — and a species of special concern in other states. In Washington State Western Toad is a State Candidate Species. The status of Whatcom County populations is unknown, other that we know it was once very common in the lowlands of the County and is now rare in these locations.

WCAMP is working to collect more data on where Western Toads occur and where are they breeding in Whatcom County. These data are intended to provide a more precise picture of the distribution, breeding sites, and migration corridors of this species in Whatcom County to allow for better protection of this vulnerable species.

YOU are essential to this project because it relies on community-based science. We will train you to be a Toadly Toad observer and data collector so you can contribute to helping this wonderful critter.

Watch for an announcement about how to get more involved in this project!

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