Chasing Invasives -American Bullfrog and Green Frog Call Survey

American Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus)

This summer, WCAMP is conducting call surveys for American Bullfrogs and Green Frogs from the beginning of June through August! Its easy and fun. Check out the self tutorial below:

The first step is to  learn how to identify American Bullfrog and Green Frogs:

Now that you are an expert you can move onto the really fun stuff.

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Step 1. Pick a survey site. Where should you survey? You should find a survey site that is near (100′ or closer) a fresh water habitat. This could be a pond, lake, stream, river, wetland or stormwater facility. This could be on your own land or find some public land or you can count from roads if you find a safe place to do it. Please do not trespass!

Step 2. On a warm evening when the wind it quiet go to your selected survey site. To have the most success with your survey pick an evening (dusk and after) that is warm (60F or greater) and no or very light wind. You can do surveys at other times of day, but you will have the most success in the evening (you might want to put some insect repellent on).

Step 3. You should arrive at your survey location and remain still and quiet for 10 minutes. After the 10 Minute wait period begin timing a survey period of 10 minutes and listen for any frog calls. Note the air temperature, time of day you are surveying, wind speed and put it on your datasheet.   Print a data sheet to take with you to record your data during survey (Data Sheet ).

Step 5. Finished up your datasheet and input your data on our website. Please record your American Bullfrog and Green Frog data on our online data form (Call Survey Online Data Input ) when you get home or on your phone while you are in the field.

We would like you to visit your survey sites up to 3 times throughout the season, similar to the egg mass surveys.  Once both Green Frog and American Bullfrog presence is detected at a survey site, the survey for that site is complete!  Surveys can be conducted any time, but the frogs call more actively after sunset.  More specific instructions on conducting call surveys are provided below.  

Surveying with a partner (socially distanced if not residing in the same house) is recommended for safety, but can be done individually.  

Volunteer Information:

The resources below will prepare and provide you with the information necessary to conduct surveys. You too can be a master frog surveyor!

Amphibian habitats  Learn to distinguish the different types of habitats utilized by amphibians.

Data Sheet  Print a data sheet to take with you to record your data during survey.

Call Survey Online Data Input  Please record your American Bullfrog and Green Frog data on our online data form.

If you have any questions about the call survey, you may contact Vikki at

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