Data Recording for General Amphibian Sightings

This year we are using iNaturalist to record data for the project. This is a international database that allows the best housing of our finds. It is easy. You do have to set up and account (which is all free). You can download an App for your smart phone to make it very easy or use your desktop computer. Once you are logged onto iNaturalist go to our project “2018 WCAMP Amphibian Monitoring Project” and follow the prompts to record your data. Photos are always great and help the data to be vetted.
Enter your data directly online using the form below. Just type the info for each question and click “Submit” at the end to send your data directly to the database. You can access a hard copy of the monitoring form here and input it in iNaturalist later.
If you have any reference photos you’d like to share from surveys or if you’d like help identifying the species, please send them to Vikki at Please make sure to label each photo with the observer name, site name, date, and species code. IMPORTANT: If you suspect you have found Oregon Spotted Frog egg masses or adults, please take photos and send them to Vikki!




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  1. I have been trying to log on to your 2018 data reporting, and have not been successful.
    Please advise.


  2. Hello, I don’t know what kind of frog this. Is, I live in Everson, WA. Can you please help me identify. Where can I send pic too?


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